The new enclosure will be open source and available soon. Currently still a work in progress.

Original Enclosure


Download link:

Click here to download all the .STL files and get printing!

The features:

  • Detachable lithium battery compartment.
    • Maximum battery size:
    • Width: ~114 mm
    • Length: ~48 mm
    • Height: ~31 mm (includes battery expansion wiggle room)
    • Secures with M2.5 screws
  • Precision openings for the Honeywell HPMA115S0
  • Dual purpose top opening for Particle RGB LED and Ventilation
  • No fastener clip top
  • Enough room for the original AQW and Reduced Size Version (v5 and newer)
  • Knock outs for antenna connection and battery connection
  • USB port cutout to run off USB power

Here are a few photos:

Top Battery Boards Inside USB


5/23/2020: v54

  • Reduced the height slightly so the HPMA doesn't move as much

5/13/2020: v53

  • Re-designed top snap
  • Increased length to give more room for cables.
  • Tweaked height for HPMA sensor (so it doesn't rattle around)
  • Antenna break outs are real!
  • USB fit improvements