v6 - (October 2021)


  • Formfactor to standard Feather size
  • Replaced temperature/humidity sensor with SHTC3
  • Replaced TVOC sensor with SGP40
  • Changed MCP1640 package to DSON from SOT23-5
  • Hatched ground planes on both top and bottom
  • Re-designed sensor placement
  • Thermal isolation slots for SHTC3
  • Pinout for PM2.5 connector reverted back to original design (allows for bidirectional use of cable)


  • Added I2C power control to D4
  • Added battery backpack (CR2 holder)


  • Relocated the Si7021 to a separate "lily pad" for heat isolation


  • Fixed bug related supply voltage not being stable to the HPMTA115S0
  • Relocated D7 to D5 for CCS811 reset signal
  • Changed connector pinout. That way the cable does't have to be twisted.


  • Added ferrite to shunt noise
  • Swapped out MCP1624 with MCP1640