Verizon operation

Versions of the nRF9160 Feather < v4 are supported on Verizon. If you've been chomping at the bit to get running on their newtwork, here's your chance!


There are some requirements related to the use of Verizon's network. Here are the details:

  1. You must use Modem Firmware v1.1.2. The v1.2.x branch of the modem firmware is not supported (and will never be supported) on Verizon. You can check what version of the Modem Firmware you're running by executing this AT command: AT+CGMR. It will print something similar to nrf9160_1.1.2 Note: if you're running an older version of modem firmware you may have to use the %SHORTSWVER command.

    If you're not on 1.1.2 make sure you update using the guide here.

  2. For production deployments, you must use the 1.2.x branch of the nRF Connect SDK.

  3. If you've purchased a genuine nRF9160 Feather, your IMEI will already be added to Verizon's network. To get started, create a Verizon ThingSpace account. There you'll be able to create a new line with your nRF9160 Feather's IMEI.

    You can get your IMEI by running the AT+CGSN=1 command. The reply should look someting like this:

    +CGSN: "352656100367872"
  4. Finally, any device on Verizon's network must be running the LWM2M Carrier Library. This allows Verizon to update the modem firmware in the event it's necessary. Enabling the LWM2M carrier library is as simple as adding CONFIG_LWM2M_CARRIER=y to your prj.conf.