To make things easier for you, the nRF9160 Feather comes pre-tested and ready for integration. All applicable testing will be done to ensure comppliance with FCC and CE EMI/EMC requirements. See each section below for more information.

Open Source Hardware Certification:


CE Compliance

Current status: Compliant

FCC Part15 Compliance

Current status: Compliant

ISED (IC) Compliance

Current status: Compliant

Verizon Network Certification

Current status: Certified

FCC Pre-certification and Markings

When designing the nRF9160 Feather into your own projects, there are some marking requirements. Per the instructions from Nordic, you must have this written on your product somewhere:

  • Contains FCC ID: 2ANPO00NRF9160
  • Contains IC: 24529-NRF9160

Additionally, the nRF9160 Feather must be used at a minimum of 20 cm (7.87 inches) from the body at all times. This means the nRF9160 Feather should not worn on the body without sufficent isolation.

Country of Origin

  • Assembled in the USA 🇺🇸
  • Circuit boards fabricated in Taiwan 🇹🇼