v5 - (October 2022)

  • No longer supports complete shutdown mode
  • Using nRF9160 B1A variant
  • Now supports "buttonless" DFU mode
  • Now supports direct USB-C connection


  • Ferrite and 47u for power inputs
  • Additional bypass to match nRF9160 reference


  • Relocated CP2102 closer to USB connector
  • Improved ground return paths
  • Pins reference nRF9160 pin numbers
  • Changed 47uf cap to 4.7u for B1 variant
  • Replaced Buck with TPS62840
  • Added jumper for disabling charger
  • Added current resistors for CC pins
  • Added connections to RESET and MODE pins to CP2102 for buttonless DFU mode entry
  • Moved SIM holder
  • Re-routed battery measurement circuit
  • Replace charger with BQ25170JDSGR and updated supporting passives


  • Reference designators

v4 - (October 2021)


  • Changed power supply to use TI's LM3281
  • USB connector to USB-C
  • Changed schottky diode part to make more room for USB-C
  • Updated 3D render
  • Renamed LNA_EN to GPS_EN to avoid confusion
  • Charging LED fed by 5V
  • Replaced battery charger with Microchip MCP73830T
  • Improved/cleaned up power and return paths
  • INT1 is now an optional jumper


  • Added INT2 connection for accelerometer with closed jumper
  • A0 and MODE pin of LM3281 connected for PWM/PFM control

v3 - (July 2021)

  • Fixed SCL/SDA labels
  • Added test points for SIM tests

v2 - (Jan 2021)

Backside of nRF9160 Feather V2

  • Added 3-axis Accelerometer by ST (LIS2DH12TR). Zephyr/nRF Connect SDK includes built-in support for this chip.
  • Added Accelerometer INT1 pin to Pin 2 on the board.
  • Added JMP1 to free up use for Pin 2 (INT1 pin on LIS2DH is push/pull an always on)
  • The power supply enable signal, which originally was inaccessible, is now available next to the TX pin.
  • Added JMP2 to disable PS_EN's connection to the power supply. "Always on" operation by shorting the middle and right pads on JMP2.
  • Updated the bottom side labels thanks to Sparkfun's Buzzard tool. They deserve all the credit there!


NFED (nRF9160 Feather Examples and Drivers) - (Jan 2021)

  • Added accelerometer sample
  • Added bme280 sample




  • Changed note about compiling app
  • Changed instructions about installing nRF Connect Desktop
  • Fixed typo related to the bootloader-use section of Programming and Debugging
  • Updated bootloader moe instructions
  • Changed link to nRF53DK
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated instructions for getting modem trace
  • Install insructions updated to 1.5.0
  • Adding entries to agps sample prj.conf


  • Video for putting device into bootloader mode (outdated)


  • Added a page about compatible cloud infrastructures
  • Added some extra help related to newtgmr